December 2, 2009

Hi, I'm Jenna

I just wanted to introduce myself a little and explain how Becca's blog became Becca and Jenna's blog. Becca is my sorority big sister, and food is one of the many things we bond over, so we're sharing this blog and taking it bi-coastal. I'm living and working in Cambridge, MA. I cook for myself and my roommate, Ruby. Ruby has one specialty (sweet noodles with cottage cheese) but otherwise doesn't cook much. I am slowly teaching her things, but I like our arrangement because she does the dishes. The other interesting detail of my culinary situation, is that I cook and eat kosher. This won't be that different from any other food blog, there just won't be any pork or shellfish recipes, and recipes with meat or poultry won't also contain milk or dairy products and vice versa. If anyone actually cares I can give a Kosher lesson or FAQ later, but it's really nbd. I asked Becca to be a contributor to potentially motivate myself to cook better and more often, so let's hope that works out. This first week is going pretty well, but I don't think I'll keep posting daily. I'll work on cutting back my entries so that they are reasonable and readable. Also, I know Becca cooked a lot for Thanksgiving, and I am calling her out, you better post those up soon!

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